Arizona Mining Claims

Prospecting for gold and other precious metals is common throughout the country, as the United States has element-rich land in almost all 50 states. Though Arizona didn’t get quite the fame that California received during the Gold Rush, there are several lucrative gold mine claims for sale in Arizona, with a history of success dating back to the mid-1800’s. You can easily find Arizona mining claims suitable for panning, prospecting, metal detecting and sluicing.

Despite the hot summers, Arizona offers mild temperatures to rest of the year, which makes it a haven for those trying to escape the harsh winters of the north. Outdoor activities thrive in the winter months, which makes it a great area for treasure hunting. You can prospect for gold in Arizona in the middle of the winter, and put on tours when other states’ outdoor adventures are unreachable!

With an opposite season from most other areas in the country, this state is an excellent place to purchase a second home, or settle down for good. With a gold mining claim in Arizona, you can capture all the visitors and tourists who are looking for sunshine during the winter. School is still in session, so it’s a great time for field trips and long weekends with the family. There are plenty of Arizona mining claims for sale, so you can get started immediately.

Prospecting for gold is a rewarding experience, no matter how large or small the nuggets and flecks may be. As a hobbyist or professional prospector, you can make an excellent investment in your future with your own Arizona gold claim.

Here at Gold Rush Mining Claims we compile and organize the best Arizona mining claims for sale. Browse through the best AZ gold claims below to find the best property to suit your lifestyle. Owning an Arizona mining claim isn’t just a hobby, it’s a smart investment for your future, and for generations to come.

Available Mining Claims in Arizona