Superstition # 2 Placer Mining Claim

The Superstition #2 is a 40 acre unpatented placer mining claim and is located in Pinal County about 7 miles northwest of the old mining town of Superior, Arizona. The claim is situated on the southern flanks of the Superstition Mountains about 50 miles east of Phoenix. The legal description is as follows: SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 31, Township 1 South, Range 12 East, (projected). Gila & Salt River Base and Meridian, Arizona. The Superstition Mountains are known for the Lost Dutchman Mine discovered by a miner by the name of Jacob Waltz before the turn of the century. Waltz died of pneumonia in Phoenix and never revealed the location of his rich gold mine. Under his bunk was a box of extremely rich gold-quartz specimens. In the past 140 years many prospectors have searched for the lost mine but it remains lost. Who knows, maybe the lost mine is located on this claim somewhere.

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